Art Around Campus: Wayne Boucher

To kick off the newest theme on our blog, Art Around Campus, I am introducing Nova Scotian artist Wayne Boucher. Wayne Boucher was born in Ontario in 1943. He received his Bachelor in Fine Arts degree from Nova Scotia College of art and Design in 1975, and moved to Graywood, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia the following year. He is the recipient of numerous grants from provincial and federal art agencies, including a Canada Council Established Artist Grant in 2001 (nd). In 2004, Boucher won the juried competition to create the mural entitled “Reveil” for the interpretation centre at Grand Pre National Historical Site in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia, and in 2006 was the recipient of the Nova Scotia Portia White Award for excellence, innovation, and expression in the arts.

Boucher is a member of numerous artist groups/associations, including the Royal Canadian Academy, Canadian Artists Representation, and Visual Arts Nova Scotia (nd) – he is a founding member and past chair of the Annapolis Region Community Arts Council and past chair of the exhibitions committee of ARTsPLACE, an artist-run centre in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia (nd). Boucher has had several exhibitions across Canada, including at the Acadia University Art Gallery, Dalhousie Art Gallery, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, the National Art Gallery of Canada, and smaller galleries in Edmonton, Alberta, Charlottetown, PEI, and Toronto, Ontario.

“Since 1975 Boucher’s painted work has dealt with surface tensions between figuration and abstraction, geometry and organic form in play with large elemental fields of colour, or black and white.”[1]. Boucher’s artwork is abstract in style but has transformed over the years, seeming to change and develop in waves. The work presented in this blog post (below), No. 5 Nine Lives of Pepper Boucher, is a graphite drawing of a cat; it is from the timeframe of 1982 – 1984, during which time he focused on black and white images. Boucher once stated “The Black and white imaginings (1982 – 1984), beyond their referents and clues of spatial ambiguities, evoke a soliloquized presence of intrinsic gestures, processes, positional posturings, and the presentation thereof. In talking to themselves they also inform themselves of their progression; of where they came from and what the direction of the next will be. Their syntactical posturings are essentially neutral. They engage in a dialogue of references and inferred sensibilities, but only hint at the psyche which is beyond their individual integrity.” – September 1984[2]

In 2012, Boucher also commented on one of his artistic fascinations from the time of his black and white paintings until colored works: “I have been fascinated by the see-through images and imaginings of the x-ray vision of the aboriginal artists and their art. Too see beyond the surface, whether it be, the early schematics of something/someplace; on to the current painting process whereby the dance of paint application, movement, direction, tools and their manner of use inform its’ significance, either as an object/painting unto itself or having further consequential narratives beyond the surface… The process and manner of application creates architectural and elemental spaces where marks, gestures and push-pull dynamics inform the theatrics and content of the image…”[3]

Wayne Boucher resides in Parker’s Cove, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia.

The following work, “No. 5 Nine Lives of Pepper Boucher” is located on the lower level of the Beveridge Art’s Centre, across from the main doors of the art gallery.

Wayne Boucher.jpg

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Alexandra (Collections and Outreach Assistant, Summer 2017)


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